Becoming a Christian

Becoming a Christian is the single most important decision any one will ever make.  It settles the question, "Where will you spend eternity?".

The Kingdom of God is a voluntary kingdom.  God gives you the wonderful gift of choice.  He forces salvation on no one, He wishes salvation for everyone.  But it still remains your choice and yours alone.  He does send people and events into your life to make your choice easier.  In John's gospel (6:44) Jesus says that no man comes to the Father except that he was first drawn to Him.  Your decision to accept what Jesus did for you did not come all on it's own.  The Father loves you so much that He has drawn you to this point.

The Salvation experience in itself is a very easy process.  Here it is:

A - Admit that you have done wrong in your life.  That should be very easy.

B - Believe that God sent His son Jesus to pay for your wrongs.  What a great thing for Him to do.

C - Clarify what you want.  For instance, "Jesus, I know that I am a sinner.  I have messed up and have disqualified myself from being my own savior.  But you didn't mess up.  You came to pay for my sins and I thank you.  I ask you now to take away my sins and to accept me into your family.  You said in your Word that you have never turned anyone away, so I believe now that you have accepted my prayer and have cleansed me from all my sins.  From this day forward I will tell everyone that I am a child of God!  Thank you for dying for me, help me to live for you! Amen"

If you pray that prayer and mean, my friend, will become a Christian!!!

Welcome Home!