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Full of It
Sun, Apr 15, 2018
In a recent survey by the Barna Group, it was revealed that over HALF of regular church attenders are unaware of exactly what the Great Commission is, and how it plays into our lives! In this week's message, learn how it applies to you, and how it applies to others. The mission must go on!
The Waiting Game
Sun, Apr 08, 2018
WAITING. There is one word most of us can't stand. After all, there's a reason why patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit! But there is so much wisdom in WAITING when God is at work. Oftentimes God will seemingly take a long time to do something all of a sudden. Don't you dare quit WAITING!
There is a River
Wed, Apr 04, 2018
If God's will for your life is a river...and there is a way to not just FOLLOW the river of God but to LIVE in it...wouldn't you want to know?? Check out this midweek message for more!
Open for Business (Easter)
Sun, Apr 01, 2018
In this Easter message, learn why the Resurrection of Jesus is the greatest thing that God has ever done for us. When all else in life seems to slam their doors shut on you, remember that there there is STILL one who made a way when there was no other name...his name is JESUS!
Hail Him or Nail Him
Sun, Mar 25, 2018
In this Palm Sunday message, what will you choose? Will you call him Lord of Lords? Or will you be part of the crowd that refuses to? Palm Sunday is a day to remember our King's humble entrance into Jerusalem...and the the sequence of events that would change everything. Hosanna in the highest!
Get Lucky!
Wed, Mar 21, 2018
Saint Patrick's Day is a day of Good Luck! Isn't it? Wait...luck doesn't really exist. How can we truly live a lucky life then? It's only the favor of God. Learn how to get more of God's favor in this midweek message!
My Refuge
Sun, Mar 18, 2018
In this week's message, Pastor Marsha breaks down Psalm 91 and we take a look at how God truly is our shelter...he is our REFUGE!
Fear is a Liar
Sun, Mar 11, 2018
Fear is something that we all deal with in different areas of our lives. Fear can paralyze us. Fear can stop us...but only if we let it! How differently would we live our lives if we realized that fear truly IS a liar? Be strong and courageous instead, and check out this week's message!
Night of Worship - 3/7/18
Wed, Mar 07, 2018
Night of Worship from March 7th, 2018
Back to the Garden
Sun, Mar 04, 2018
There was such joy and intimacy with God when Adam and Eve walked with him in the Garden! Since the fall of man and the entrance of sin...we have been straying from this relationship with God. Now, it's time to go back....Back to the Garden!